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Positive Discipline Training for Parents

I teach Positive Discipline tools to parents through webinars and live workshops.   As a Positive Discipline Lead Trainer and parent, I have years of experience learning and teaching kind and firm discipline tools.


The Positive Discipline curriculum is a whole child approach that promotes the teaching of developmentally appropriate social and emotional skills to children in the context of engaging and respectful relationships.

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Free Parent Webinars

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What’s a webinar?

A webinar is an on-line class in which attendees can watch photos, videos and slides that the presenter shares. My parenting webinars are interactive – ahead of time, I send you worksheets to download.

During my live webinars, you’ll be asked to write, brainstorm and reflect on your own parenting challenges so you can personalize your learning. You’ll be in front of your computer scree, in a virtual classroom with other parents and will be able to type comments and questions using a group chat feature.



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Free Stop Yelling & Start Inviting Cooperation Steps

Stop Yelling Start Inviting Cooperation Tool

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Stop Yelling

& Start Inviting Cooperation

Steps for Parents

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